4 mars 2010

Une chance de gagner....

Wow pour courir une chance de gagner ce magnifique prix de Prima, allez voir sur leur blog!!

That's Right! Prima is giving away two more AMAZING prize packages in conjunction with our BIG SECRET!

We want EVERYONE to have a chance to win so we are changing the rules a bit.

Please copy this write-up and link us on your blog, Facebook, or any other site that you frequent (please follow their TOU).
Then post here with a link to your blog, Facebook or site post for your chance to win BIG with Prima!
One US and one International winner will be chosen on Thursday, March 4th, 2010.

And we are getting closer and closer to revealing our secret-it won't be long now!

Just a couple more days of suspense!

**Faites cette publicité sur votre blog ou facebook et courez la chance de gagner un des 2 prix de prima!
N'oubliez-pas d'aller laisser un commentaire avec votre adresse de blog ICI

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